May 04
wholesale properties in competitive markets

How to Wholesale Properties in Highly Competitive Markets Like a Pro

Created by Kendall Casas

It’s no surprise that real estate wholesaling is skyrocketing in popularity right now. House flipping has been in the public eye for a long time, but for people in the industry wholesaling is faster, cleaner, and has a better return. So how do you wholesale properties in competitive markets? In our last article we gave you 10 expert pieces of advice from wholesale professionals. Now let’s do a deep dive into the best strategies to wholesale properties in competitive markets!


Apr 06
is wholesaling houses right for you

Is Wholesaling Houses Right for You? Types of Real Estate Investing Part 3

Created by Kendall Casas

Lots of real estate investors ask if wholesaling houses is right for them and their business. The truth is, it’s not for everyone. Wholesaling houses has a lot of stigmas against it both within and outside of real estate investing communities. We’re going to break down what wholesaling is, what the popular wholesaling strategies are, as well as the pros and cons of wholesaling houses so that you can determine if it’s the right type of real estate investing for your business.

If you haven’t already done research on the other types of real estate investing, check out part 1 and 2 of this series. We go over the strategies and pros and cons of house flipping in part 1, and the pros and cons of renting in part 2. Find the best type of real estate investing for your business! (more…)

Dec 15
5 reasons to use leadpropeller for wholesaling houses websites

Wholesaling Houses? Top 5 Reasons You Need a LeadPropeller Wholesaling Website

Created by Kendall Casas

Wholesaling houses is made simple when you have  LeadPropeller wholesaling website.  Find out how to quickly build your buyers list and move those wholesale deals faster than you ever thought possible.

5 Reasons You Need a Wholesaling Website

1. To List Details of Each Wholesale Deal

It’s no secret that having a website is essential for running any kind of business in this market, let alone a real estate investing business. Having a website for wholesaling houses makes your real estate investing business more credible. (more…)

Dec 08
17 ways to find cash buyers for wholesale deals

17 Quickest Ways to Find Cash Buyers For Wholesale Deals

Created by Kendall Casas

If you’re here, you already know how important it is to find cash buyers for wholesale deals. It’s the lifeblood of your wholesale business! That’s why we’re going over the 17 best ways to find cash buyers for wholesale deals so that you can grow your real estate investing business. (more…)

Dec 01
build a cash buyers list with leadpropeller

Quickly Build a Cash Buyers List with LeadPropeller

Created by Kendall Casas

Danny and Melissa, founders of LeadPropeller, were heading off to vacation in Hawaii this past summer. They had a property that needed lots of repairs that they didn’t have the time to bother with. “The house was really a piece of junk,” Danny tells, “I wanted to move it fast!”

There were several investors that Danny knew that had bought wholesale deals from them before. Their dispositions manager called them to see what they’d offer to buy the property as-is and close fast. Both investors informed the team that they’d be interested at a purchase price of just $40k.

“Damn!” Danny exclaimed, “I was hoping for more!” (more…)