FaceBook Advertising for Real Estate Investors Strategy

Facebook advertising for real estate investors is a great way to build your brand’s awareness, public relations, and target your specific customers. But, it can be tricky to get into if you’re not an online marketing person. If you understand the basics of pay-per-click for real estate investors, then you’ll understand the basics of FaceBook advertising. The two are pretty similar.

We’ve already been over how you should be building your real estate investing business’s social media presence, which helps your ranking and relevancy. The more business social media accounts you have that are linked to your website, and your other social media profiles, the better your SEO is.

This isn’t SEO, though. FaceBook advertising functions almost identically to other pay-per-click and pay-per-impression marketing strategies. As far as FaceBook advertising for real estate investors goes, you need to be working on building a relationship with your target audience instead of just blasting them with your services.

Let’s understand how FaceBook ads work first, then we’ll take a look at the best strategy for FaceBook advertising for real estate investors!

What FaceBook Advertising Tracks

facebook advertising for real estate investors tracking
Image credit: CT Social

FaceBook advertisements use a few different methods for tracking the success of your ad. The metrics boil down to this:

  • Impressions – the number of times the ad was seen by your audience
  • Reach – the number of people that the ad was shown to in your audience
  • Likes – the number of people who engaged with the ad by liking it
  • Shares – the number of people who saw the ad, and engaged with it by sharing
  • Comments – the number of comments people who viewed the ad left
  • Frequency – the number of times your ad was shown to a single person in your audience (on average)
  • Click Through Rate – the number of times someone saw your ad, clicked on it, and followed the link to a landing page
  • Page Likes – the number of likes to your FaceBook page that were generated from customers seeing and engaging with your ad

Because FaceBook is tracking all of those aforementioned engagement types, you can see exactly how well your ad is performing so that you can better target your audience. In fact, FaceBook is great for finding specific audiences to target, especially for real estate investors.

You see, FaceBook let’s you pick highly specific audiences for your advertisement to be running in front of. Parameters you can set for your audience include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Job Title / Employment
  • Politics
  • Interests
  • Religion
  • Education

Which means, FaceBook advertising for real estate investors can be just as targeted and specific as Google Adwords marketing. Let’s say you’re a wholesaler living in Oklahoma. If you wanted to, you could make your FaceBook ad as specific as: men, age 30+, living in Oklahoma City, working in real estate investing, interested in the show Mad Men, who voted Republican.

Of course, we don’t recommend that because it’s too specific. The thing about FaceBook advertising for real estate investors is that you have to build a relationship with your audience before you start selling to them. As The Huffington Post put it in their article:

FaceBook ads are passive. That means they’re shown when the consumer isn’t necessarily in the buying mood.

This means that you’re less likely to get direct sales from FaceBook. Don’t be discouraged, though, FaceBook is still a great place to advertise your real estate investing business. Why? Because FaceBook advertising for real estate investors increases…

Brand Awareness

branding by facebook advertising for real estate investors
Image credit: Niel Patel

FaceBook advertisements increase your brand’s awareness by getting your real estate investing business’s name in front of more people. However, because you’ll be advertising as a real estate investor, you have to keep in mind a few things:

  1. Your audience isn’t the standard retail audience. People look to sell or buy houses less frequently than they look for furniture or clothing.
  2. Your audience is going to be passive, which means they’re going to see your advertisement when they’re not actively looking for your services.

Understanding these two ideas will help you to fine tune your advertising strategy on FaceBook. Think of it like this: the goal of your FaceBook ad needs to be getting your name out to people who are interested in buying or selling a house. You should expect to gain an audience, not necessarily a direct buyer or seller.

Increasing brand awareness is key to increasing your online presence. There are more than just motivated sellers on FaceBook. In fact, there are a lot of other real estate investors on FaceBook. By joining groups like FlipPilot and LeadPropeller VIP, you’re increasing two things: your brand’s awareness, and your investor network. The best start to FaceBook advertising for real estate investors is to expand your social network, that’s why you’re on social media!

Customer & Audience Tracking

Because FaceBook’s metrics are so specific, you can easily track your audience from your advertisements so you can better hone in on the customers you’re not reaching. In every ad, you’ll be able to see the analytics, or insights. In these insights, you can see who exactly saw your ad, and who engaged with it.

If you’re keeping track of your audience statistics (which you should be, that way you’re not throwing money into the wind when it comes to targeted ads), you’ll get a highly specific report of 3 main things:

  1. Who saw your ad and didn’t engage with it
  2. Who saw your ad and clicked on it
  3. Who saw your ad and followed the link

Split Testing

split testing when making facebook advertising for real estate investors
Image credit: FaceBook Business

These stats are important for deciding how to create your ads in the future, how much to spend per ad, and how long your ads should run. To gather your best target audience engagement information, you need to run what’s called a split test.

FaceBook Business’s Ad Creator Guide has a great breakdown of what split testing is, and why it’s important. But we’ll make it more relevant to FaceBook advertising for real estate investors. Basically, split testing “allows advertisers to easily test the same ad on two difference audiences to see which audience performed better.”

To make sure you’re running a split test the right way, we’ll put it into easy steps:

1 – Take your ad and run it twice

In fact, FaceBook will run the split test with randomized audiences anyway. Well, randomized to a point. Each audience group will be non-overlapping, and will go to people who are shown to have general interest in the subject that your business will fall under.

So if you’re looking to target people who are interested in selling their house, or moving, or other investors interested in buying houses, those target audiences will be split into separate groups.

2 – Analyze the results

analyzing facebook advertising for real estate investors
Image credit: Rapidan Inbound

Once the test has finished running to the different audiences, you’ll be able to see the results. This is important for narrowing down your target market and audience. After all, you don’t want to be spending money advertising to people who aren’t going to click on the link and look for your services. Remember, the point of PPC is to get quality inbound leads for your real estate investing business.

The results will cover the general demographic that we already talked about, but it will also show you the click and engagements rates. That’s what you want to focus on.

So, let’s say one of the audiences was men, age 25 – 50, in Arkansas, interested in football. The likelihood of them clicking on your ad is relatively low, but you don’t want to guess. Be sure you’re converting, or not converting, by looking at the analytics of your advertisement.

The best part about running an ad through Facebook is that, when the split test is done, you’ll get an email through your ads manager with a detailed report on how the test went. That way you’ll be able to see all of the stats and data on your test to determine the best possible strategy.

3 – Run the most efficient ad

After you analyze the data and determine the best strategy for advertising on Facebook, you’ll be able to craft the best ad possible. Take the data from your split test – audience, optimization, placements, interests, and so on – then use that information to put your targeted ad in front of your perfect audience.

Managed FaceBook Advertising for Real Estate Investors

managed service for facebook advertising for real estate investors

If all of this made your eyes cross, you’re not alone. There are a lot of businesses that understand the fundamentals of PPC and paid FaceBook advertising, but just don’t have the time to dive deeper into it to make successful ads on their own. And that’s ok. We understand that you’re a real estate investing expert, not an online marketing expert. Learning how to research, create, run, and analyze a paid ad strategy isn’t in your wheelhouse.

That’s why we offer a professionally managed FaceBook advertising service specifically for your real estate investing business. Let our experts manage your paid advertisements for your business so that you’re not just throwing away your valuable time and money. If you’re looking for FaceBook advertising for real estate investors, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our professionally managed FaceBook service offers:

  • Page audit
  • Page setup
  • Retargeting
  • In-app Submissions
  • Website Submissions
  • Custom Audience Building
  • Lead Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Hands-off Lead Generation Experience

There’s nothing else you would need when it comes to FaceBook advertising for real estate investors. We’ve got it all, and we’re more than happy to help grow your business!

If you have any questions about this service, or our other professionally managed service, please give us a call at (210) 999 – 5187, or email us at services@leadpropeller.com


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