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using ppc to boost seo for real estate investors

Using PPC to Boost SEO: Real Estate Investing Guide for High Quality Visitors

In real estate investing, your marketing is all about getting your name out there to motivated sellers and other investors. You know how important SEO and PPC are, but did you know you an use PPC to boost SEO in your marketing strategy online?

SEO (search engine optimization), is all of your on-page and blog content that leads back to your services and establishes your online presence. For real estate investors, that’s all of the things that motivated sellers read and click on to be taken to your website when they make a Google search like “sell my house for cash“. So, of course, SEO is an essential part of having a business website for online lead generation. But what good is that content if no one is finding it, reading it, or interacting with it?

That’s where PPC comes in. Typically, people who aren’t trained in online marketing think of PPC and SEO as two different types of marketing. The difference with online marketing and offline marketing is that the two can work together. You wouldn’t send out postcards telling people to keep an eye out for your bandit signs, but you would want to spend the money to get your articles and videos in front of more people online. That’s how you spread the word about your real estate investing business.

Using PPC to boost SEO is a strategy that lots of successful business use with their online marketing tactics. There’s more than just Google AdWords when it comes to PPC, just like there’s more than just blog posts to build your SEO.

SEO Strategies for Real Estate Investors

using ppc to boost seo for real estate investing content marketing
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We’ve been over SEO for real estate investing a lot, so we won’t focus on it too much in this article. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read up on the subject, check out our 4 part SEO Guide for Real Estate Investors!

Essentially, SEO is the long-term success strategy for your real estate investing business. The stronger your SEO is, the better your online presence is, and the higher your organic rank in local Google searches will be. Basic SEO strategies for real estate investors include:

Implementing the strategies mentioned above (and in those articles they link to) will definitely increase your rank. We’ve been talking with a lot of technical terms so far, though. Let’s make it more simple.

Having a high rank in Google searches means something related to your business – either an article, video, social media platform, etc. – is showing up as an answer to someone’s search in Google. For example, if a motivated seller types in “sell my house now“, and you have an article on your blog with that as your keyword, after the article has been indexed in Google it will show up as a result for that person!

However, SEO does take a while to build up. In fact, you probably won’t see much movement in your SEO efforts for at least 4 – 9 months after starting. That’s normal!

Don’t get discouraged, just keep going. Because SEO takes a long time to build, and is pretty specific, we offer a managed SEO service just for real estate investors. Not to do a sales pitch, but here we go. Our service is personalized to your business, and managed by SEO professionals. You don’t ever have to write and optimize blog posts, worry about local citations, or anything. We take care of that for you. You can get your service today on our website!

Ok, now that that’s over with, let’s talk about how you should be using PPC to boost SEO for your business.

PPC Strategies for Real Estate Investors

using ppc to boost seo for real estate investors best strategy
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PPC (pay per click) is the paid search results that show up above organic search results in Google. You know those 3 – 4 top results that have a little green box under them that says “ad” in the bottom left? Those are PPC results.

The best part about PPC is that you can bid on keywords and pay to show up above organic search results. Meaning, if your competition is only relying on organic traffic and you’re doing PPC, then you’ll show up above them when a motivated seller types in something like “sell house for cash“.

The best PPC strategy for real estate investors is researching the best keywords for your area, and honing in the perfect audience for your business. This can be done by split testing. We went over what split testing is in our article about FaceBook advertising for real estate investors, but we’ll review it here too.

Split testing is when you run an ad for two different audiences for the same amount of time to see what audience responded the best to your advertisement. This is important for PPC because you can take the information from the split test and find the best audience to market to in the future.

This way, you won’t be throwing away money on advertisements that won’t get in front of an audience that converts for your real estate investing business. How does this translate to using PPC to boost SEO? Simple…

How to Use PPC to Boost SEO for Your Real Estate Investing Business

Test Ideas on Different Platforms

split testing for ppc to boost seo
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Start by using platforms like FaceBook and AdWords to test your ideas. Take your content (anything from a blog post to a video) and run a couple split tests to find the best audiences on each platform. Your FaceBook audience will probably respond differently than your AdWords audience, which is behavior you want to collect when you’re conducting your tests.

Little things like titles and images can mean the difference between a high amount of interactions and a low amount of interactions. It’s impossible to know for sure what titles and images will work the best until you test it, so take FaceBook and AdWords as learning opportunities while you’re getting your strategy tightly wound.

Don’t throw much more than $50 or $100 on a FaceBook ad that you’re using to split test. You don’t want to waste you money, but you also need to feed it enough to collect the best sample size for gathering data.

These tests will help you determine the highest converting strategies in each advertisement, and show you what your audience finds valuable. Say you’re running an ad with the title “Damaged House? Sell As-Is for Cash!” against another ad with the title “Sell Damaged Houses for Cash Fast”. Fundamentally, each title is saying the same thing. Deciding which ad to back with more money in the future comes down to which title your audience reacted the most to. For whatever reason, two seemingly similar ad titles can cause completely different reactions from your audience.

Use Your Content in Retargeting Ads

retargeting as a strategy for ppc to boos seo
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This is more for a branding marketing strategy than pure retargeting. Meaning, this will be for visitors who have already interacted with branded content – your blog, your social media profiles, reviews, etc. – who you’re trying to get to interact again.

This strategy becomes tricky because a visitor reading a branded article, or a review on a third party site, has less obvious intention than a search engine query is. Which means, you have to make sure you’re using content in your SEO that drives traffic back to your business. If you’re just publishing fluff pieces to get eyes on your name, or content stuffed with search engine optimization that’s great for Google but not for actual readers, then this won’t work. You need to always have call to actions in your content marketing so that you can see the intentionality of your audience.

For example, let’s say you’re a real estate investor who rehabs and wholesales. Great! Each piece of content you have for the specific kind of leads you want should point back to the type of real estate investing it corresponds to. An article for a motivated seller is going to be completely different from an article for another investor because they both have different intentions and expectations from your business.

Your wholesaling articles should point back to your real estate investing business as a wholesale venture. Likewise, your motivated seller articles should point back to your buying business because that’s what the visitor to that article was looking for – someone to buy their house.

When it comes to what to use when you’re running PPC to boost SEO, you need to focus on content targeted to the right audiences. Make sure it’s contend that relates to their interests, with call to actions for them to engage with. That way, you’re not wasting your money on retargeting, and you’re getting more of your content in front of the right audiences.


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