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calculating your real estate investing seo roi

Real Estate Investing SEO: Calculating your ROI

Real estate investing SEO takes time to make, and time to rank. At least 4 – 9 months after starting (and doing it consistently) you should start to see organic traffic increasing. The most important thing is to not get discouraged during that time and assume it’s not working. In fact, the more you do the better. To keep you chin up during the beginning, here are some actionable tips to calculate the ROI of your real estate investing SEO. That way, you’ll know the time and patience were all worth it!

Focus on Conversions

focus on conversions for your real estate investing seo
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How many people go to your site, blog, and social media profiles is great, but it’s not an actionable metric. Marketers call these numbers “vanity metrics” because they’re just that, a fun number that looks cool. In reality, what you need to be focusing on is conversions.

The difference between visitors to your site and conversions is that the people who converted took the action on your page that you wanted. In your case, since you’re a real estate investor, that means they left their information with you and became a lead.

That’s what you should be looking further into to make sure your on-page SEO is doing its job. If a high percentage of visitors go to your page and leave without submitting their information, then there’s something wrong with your on-page SEO.

These problems can be as simple as using the wrong keyword, not optimizing your meta tags, and so on. But these simple mistakes can cost you lots and lots of leads. The problem is, if you’re not optimizing your meta tags or using the right keywords, then visitors to your page aren’t having their search request answered and leave your site too early.

This will kill your ranking. Google hates this because, basically, this behavior tells Google that your site is untrustworthy and irrelevant to search queries. The best thing to do if you’re having an issue with bounce rate is to revamp your on-page SEO to make sure you’re answering the queries you want to be answering.

It just so happens that LeadPropeller websites are built with keywords and meta tags specific to real estate investors’ target audience’s search queries. So, if you’re a LeadPropeller customer, you won’t have this problem. Instead, you can just keep focusing on conversion rates when you look at your reports and be happy with the high rate you have!

Before and After Screenshots – NOT Rank Trackers

rank trackers for real estate investing SEO
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Visuals are always a better way to understand things like SEO reports. A lot of the time, you’ll be seeing things in the report that either aren’t important for what you need, or are too in-depth and will overwhelm you. Again, you’re an expert at real estate investing. Making sense out of an SEO report and rank trackers takes time to understand, let alone to be able to implement.

That’s why screenshots are such a good way to see your progress. Using something like Bright Local to track your SERPs comes in handy. Just like before and after pictures of your properties, taking before and after screenshots to see where a SERP is from when you started to where you are now is great for keeping yourself motivated. But more importantly, it’s great for calculating the success of your real estate investing SEO.

Track Calls with Dynamic Number Insertion

phone tracking for real estate investing SEO
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Call metrics are great for determining your real estate investing SEO value. Because you’re primarily targeting inbound leads, and responding to their collected information with automated text responses (if you’re a LeadPropeller customer that is), then you’re going to have to keep an eye on call tracking.

There is a feature in your LeadPropeller dashboard on the right menu labeled “phone numbers”. Not only will this feature allow you to forward a local phone number to any phone of your choosing – perfect if you have a team – but you can also track your phone conversations and conversions.

In fact, all of that is handled in your dashboard and ready for you to take a look at anytime you want. You can see exactly who converted over the phone, what the conversation was about, or where anything went wrong if they didn’t convert. It’s that easy.

Estimate Your Revenue

Your ROI is determined by how much revenue you’re making. To keep your real estate investing business’s financial success moving forward, you should always keep an eye on where your money is going, and how much money your marketing investments are making you. Especially when it comes to your real estate investing SEO, you want to be sure you’re not putting money into something that isn’t generating you leads.

A simple way of calculating this is:

Value of a Customer x Closing Ratio % x Number of Conversions = Estimated Revenue

As a real estate investor, the value of your customer needs to be boiled down to their worth to your business. How much did it cost to get that lead, and did they convert? How much money did you make off of the deal that they turned into? Take all of that into consideration when looking at this formula.

Next, you’ll want to look at your closing ratio. If you’re not closing deals, then there’s something going wrong somewhere in your process. Make sure your closing rate is a percentage. This is calculated by taking the total number of leads you’ve gotten from your SEO (remember, we’re just looking at how your SEO is generating revenue for you), then divide the number of closed deals by that number, multiply by 100, and you’ve got your closing ratio %.

Estimating your revenue for your real estate investing SEO is the last step in this guide because it boils down to a solid number. This number will help you to determine the success of your search engine optimization so that you can move forward with refining your marketing strategies.

Professionally Managed Real Estate Investing SEO

real estate investing seo service

While this guide will definitely help you find the value of your real estate investing SEO, you don’t want to be spending all of your time and energy writing and optimizing content for search engines. You’re a real estate investor. Your time should be spent talking to motivated sellers, networking, and closing deals. Let the SEO professionals managed your online presence for you.

At LeadPropeller, we provide a professionally managed real estate investing SEO service just for real estate investors. Our service is personalized to your business, includes monthly recaps of your progress and ranking status, and most importantly it gives you time to manage your properties and run your real estate investing business. When your time is free from online optimization, you have more opportunities to grow your business, or to do whatever you want! After all, financial freedom was the whole point of becoming a real estate investor, wasn’t it?

You can get your professionally manages real estate investing SEO service from LeadPropeller today, or give us a call at (210) 999 – 5187.


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