Jan 26
grow your motivated seller leads fast

Growing Your Own Organic Motivated Seller Leads

Created by Kendall Casas

What the heck does organic website traffic mean and how does it relate to online motivated seller lead generation for real estate investors? We’re going to talk about how investors are getting an incredible amounts of leads online (at a super low cost) all using a website for organic lead generation.

Wow that was a mouthful. Let’s start it from square one… (more…)

Dec 21
real estate investor direct mail

Real Estate Investor Direct Mail is Dead?

Created by Danny Johnson


Yup, we said it, and we can back it up.


Real estate investor direct mail marketing has been a long standing go-to. It’s simple, reliable, and can be effective in soliciting leads. But, like all good things, it has to come to an end. Real estate investor direct mail response rates have been declining over the years. We’ve talked to some of the top investors in the country to find out why this is happening and what alternative strategies you can use to generate motivated seller leads.


Apr 14
local phone number for your real estate investing business

93% of Your Leads Aren’t Picking Up

Created by Kendall Casas

You read that right. 93% of your potential leads aren’t picking up the phone because you don’t have a local phone number for your real estate investing business. That’s an unacceptable number of leads that you’re losing for such a simple reason.

If you thought that having an out of town area code isn’t a big deal, think again.

In a case study, Software Advice found that “80% of people are extremely unlikely to pick up for an out-of-state phone number” and “13% of people are unlikely” to do the same.