Quickly Build a Cash Buyers List with LeadPropeller

Danny and Melissa, founders of LeadPropeller, were heading off to vacation in Hawaii this past summer. They had a property that needed lots of repairs that they didn’t have the time to bother with. “The house was really a piece of junk,” Danny tells, “I wanted to move it fast!”

There were several investors that Danny knew that had bought wholesale deals from them before. Their dispositions manager called them to see what they’d offer to buy the property as-is and close fast. Both investors informed the team that they’d be interested at a purchase price of just $40k.

“Damn!” Danny exclaimed, “I was hoping for more!”

Normally, Danny would be itching to just get the deal done, especially because they were heading to Hawaii. Having some extra cash would have been nice! Danny and Melissa thought for a minute and decided to be patient and follow their typical wholesale process and blast the deal out to their wholesale cash buyers list.

As a real estate investor, you can imagine Danny and Melissa’s delight when they got a call from their dispositions manager informing them that they had a cash buyer offering to get the deal closed fast at $55k!

That’s an extra $15k just for sending out an email!!!

Needless to say, that trip to Hawaii was a blast knowing they had just made so much more from that single deal!

Building Cash Buyers Email List The Hard Way

build cash buyers list the hard way

Just like finding leads, there’s an easy way and a hard way to build a cash buyers list. We have an article about building an email marketing list in no time. But, if you like doing things the harder way and spending all of your time online instead of working your leads, then you’re probably…

Searching for Other Investors

Spending hours online searching terms like “we buy houses in [you city]“, and “real estate investors in [your city]” is time consuming. Everyone knows that one simple Google search won’t be enough to find the best real estate investors in your area to add to your cash buyers list. You’re going to have to be searching and making sure that these investors are:

  1. Still active
  2. In your target area
  3. Looking for wholesale properties

The risk you run is finding someone online who isn’t actively looking for properties. The problem is that you’re looking for people to sell to instead of people finding you to buy from. There’s a fundamental difference in the two.

Think of it this way: when you’re buying something is it because someone approached you asking you to buy it, or because you were looking for that thing and actively sought it out? It’s the same with other investors. You either have to be lucky and find them when they’re available to buy, or be available for them to find you.

Putting up LOTS of Bandit Signs

Bandit signs aren’t new to real estate investing. Heck, they’re not even a bad option when you’re first getting started. Bandit signs are cheap, easy to make, and have a decent conversion rate. So what’s the problem using them to build your cash buyers list?

Just like searching for investors online, going around the city and posting bandit signs takes time. Lots of time. Not to mention the time spent getting familiar with your city’s rules on bandit signs. For instance, in San Antonio the new ordinance for bandit signs that are off-property state that the person posting the sign “will need to obtain a valid permit for $50.00 and $5.00 for each sign.”

Of course, the laws for bandit signs are different per city. These laws are always subject to chance, which is why this is considered the hard way to build a cash buyers list for wholesalers. You have to keep yourself updated on the laws of your city when it comes to bandit signs, or face the penalties of breaking the rules.

The New, Easy Way to Building Your Cash Buyers List

the better way to build cash buyers list

As we mentioned earlier, the best way to build a cash buyers list for your wholesaling business is to have motivated buyers coming to you. What better way to do that than with a website? When you have a website dedicated to collecting investor information, you’ll be building your cash buyers list in no time.

Our wholesaling websites at LeadPropeller are perfect for getting you the best buyers list in your area!

When you’re building a buyers list, the most important thing is an easy opt-in form for investors to leave their information with you. Our websites have that opt-in form right on the front page of your website. In fact, it’s the first thing visitors to your wholesaling website will see! That way when a motivated buyer finds your business they have an easy way to leave their information with you.

Innovative Two-Step Design

In fact, this opt-in form has a two-step design that will grab visitor’s information for your cash buyers list. After they fill out the form, they are taken to a longer form where you collect valuable information about them. With this second form, you’ll get:

  • Their ability to pay cash
  • How quickly they can close on the property

This information will help you screen them so that you can send them properties you are confident they’ll be able to buy from you. After all, you don’t want to be sending them your prime wholesale deals if they don’t have the qualifications to follow through. With our two-step design, you’ll have a highly targeted list of buyers to sell to!

Email Made Simple

email statistics for cash buyers list
Image credit: Live and Social

Most likely, you already have an email system that you’re using. The great thing about our LeadPropeller websites is the simple integration with what you’re already using! We integrate with systems such as:

When an investor submits the form on your wholesaling website, the name and email get sent to your email marketing account through those services. Then, when you have a new deal, you can craft an email and blast it out to all of your cash buyers within your email marketing platform of choice.

With our email integration, it’s simple for real estate investors to create listings to each deal you’re working on. You’ll be able to email and post a link to a page with the details of the deal, saving you hours of time answering simple questions about the property. Don’t waste your time on buyers who aren’t serious about your properties. Get the motivated ones coming to you!

Leverage Technology – LeadPropeller Sites & Push Notifications

Every time you get a visitor to your website, they get a request to opt-in to get notifications on their browser when you post a new deal. This is awesome because it allows you to get way more eyes on each deal you have than you would by using email alone.

Push notifications skip the clutter of the email inbox and show a notification right on the person’s computer. How cool is that?!

Customize it Yourself in LeadPropeller

Setting up your LeadPropeller website is as simple as putting in your business information. We don’t joke around when we tell you that your website will be live in 15 minutes, fully optimized and ready to go!

After you buy your website, you’ll be prompted to put in your business name, contact phone number, and target market. Once all of that information has been added to your profile, our website short codes will add them to your on-page content. That means that all of your website pages will be outfitted with your target market, business contact information, and business name. It’s all done for you!

Customize Your Forms

add custom form to get info from cash buyers list

Before you can build your cash buyers list you need to collect visitor information. It’s simple to do with our custom forms. The custom forms on your website can be accessed in your dashboard. You’ll see that there are already forms there, ready to be added to your site. To customize the forms, the steps are:

  1. Click on the tab “Custom Forms”
  2. Click on the edit icon for the form you want to edit
  3. Customize
  4. Click “Publish” to make it live on your site!

Each custom form exists to collect specific information from visitors to your site. For growing your cash buyers list, the most important form on your website is the Contact Form.

As-is, the Contact Form collects three things: the investor’s name, email, and any message about the property. This will help you to better understand why they are submitting their information to you, and what properties to push toward them. Because this is a highly customizable form, you are free to add any other fields in it that you’d like.

For example, if you want to know an investor found out about you, you can add a field that asks “Where did you hear about us?” That way you can know what marketing strategy is working the best to build your cash buyers list for your wholesaling business.

Customize Your Automated Responses

customize autoresponders to build your cash buyers list

As we said before, the most important part of building your cash buyers list is being the first to respond. That’s why our automated responses are an included feature in your real estate investing website!

Customizing them is simple. When you go to add or edit a custom form, you’ll see the automated response setting below it.

  1. Click the “Auto Responder Settings” tab.
  2. Select the automated message field you want to customize.
  3. Write you personalized automated response message.
  4. Save and publish!

Now when a visitor leaves their information with you, they’ll get an automated response from you by way of text message or email. That way they won’t get in contact with another investor before you get a chance to talk to them. Pretty neat, right?

Our Push Notifications

push notifications to build the best cash buyers list

Our push notifications are perfect for showing your website visitors what properties you have on your listing page. That way you can push your inventory and not hold on to a property for too long!

Setting up your push notifications is also really easy (there’s a pattern here haha). The steps are:

  1. Click on your website’s tab on the left hand drop down menu.
  2. Select “Website Settings”
  3. Go all the way down until you see the “Push Notification” option.
  4. Click the check box!

Super easy. Now you’ll be able to send push notifications to your site visitors to show them the properties on your listing page!

Post on Craigslist to Build Your Cash Buyers List In Record Time

use craigslist to build a cash buyers list

We’ve had a blog post in the past that talked about the best Craigslist ad strategies for real estate investors. Craigslist can be used for more than just finding motivated sellers. Building a cash buyers list on Craigslist is simple and easy to do, but it takes patience and time.

The best strategy for building a cash buyers list on Craigslist is:

  1. Create 5 free Craigslist accounts (you’ll need to create 4 different email addresses to use)
  2. Post 3 ads from each account to the Real Estate Services, Real Estate By Owner, and Real Estate Wanted sections. That’s 15 ads posted on the first day
  3. On the next day, duplicate and slightly modify all of your ads with different headlines. Change up the body text slightly, change the pictures, then post the altered ads. Now you should have 30 ads posted in total.
  4. On the following day, you should be able to log in to your account and renew the first day’s ads. This keeps them fresh and at the top of the search results to be seen.

This strategy will keep your wholesale business fresh on Craigslist in your local area. Believe it or not, lots of real estate investors go to Craigslist looking for investment properties.

Keep in mind, some of your ads might be flagged and taken down. That’s why it’s important to create 5 different Craigslist accounts and post multiple ads everyday to each account. If one gets flagged and taken down, you have others to fill the space.

Want the best converting ad templates for wholesalers? You can download our free PDF of wholesaling ad templates for Craigslist here.



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