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use craigslist to build a cash buyers list

Craigslist Ad Strategy For Real Estate Investors

What do you do when nobody knows your website even exists? You tell people about it! More importantly, you tell the right people about it. The right people being people who are looking for your service. Building a successful Craigslist ad strategy can impact your Real Estate Investing Business more than you think.

Despite what you may think, these people are searching Craigslist, so it’s very easy to get in front of them. With ease comes competition. Other investors also post on Craigslist, but you can beat them by being more consistent – meaning that they post daily.

The Rub & How To Overcome It


Here’s the rub: Almost every serious investor has posted ads on Craigslist for deals from motivated seller leads, but I can guarantee you that only about 0.1% (yes, a fraction of a percent and yes…that is just an educated guesstimate) are consistent.


craigslist ad strategy


You’re probably asking yourself if posting ads on Craigslist still works. Let me answer your question with this – as I am writing this post, I just received a great lead an hour ago from my ad on Craigslist! So, from personal experience, I can tell you that it does still work.


Knowing Your Target Audience for an Effective Craigslist Ad Strategy


Your ad’s headlines should draw attention and speak to people that would want to sell their house fast because of a specific situation.

Here, as in all other motivated seller marketing, it’s best to try and put yourself in the shoes of people that are in situations that would motivate them to want to get rid of a house quickly. You want to word your ads, and your website for that matter, in a way as to “join the conversation they are already having in their heads.”

Think about yourself facing a situation like:

  • Foreclosure looming, and you’ve come to the realization that you waited too long to do anything about it
  • Nasty divorce that can’t be over with soon enough
  • Death of a relative that leaves you a house you don’t need
  • Tenants that are ruining your life
  • Your house is too big and you want to downsize
  • You’ve bought another house and need to sell your old one fast
  • You’ve waited too long to fix your house and now it’s overwhelming

If you focus on writing ads that target motivated seller leads in these situations, and present yourself as a problem solver for people, you’ll grab their attention on the internet. While you should have a general ‘We Buy Houses’ type ad, you should also include these situation-based ads so that you stand out from the crowd.


Craigslist Ad Strategy Sample Ad – Inheriting a House





***Inherit a House? Not Sure What To Do With It? We can help! We Pay Cash For Houses***


Ad Copy:

Many people inherit houses that they have no need for. It’s tempting to want to hold on to the house because of the memories, but sooner or later, the cost and time involved in maintaining that house takes its toll.

If you’re considering your options, why not get a no-obligation cash offer from us to buy your house as-is? That means, we will buy it with cash so that there are no formal inspections, appraisals, or real estate agent commissions.

And you can sell it without making a single repair!

The Process is Simple:


  • Visit our website at
  • Fill out the fast cash offer form, or give us a call at 222-Your-Number-Here
  • We Schedule a time that is convenient for you to show the house to us
  • We see the house and calculate what we can pay for it
  • You can agree to sell, or take your time in considering the offer


There’s no obligations! You can get an offer without paying a fee or committing to anything.

–> Visit our website now to find out more, and fill out our fast cash offer form to get a cash offer within 24 hours:

Include Images

Many motivated sellers checking Craigslist are viewing the listings as thumbnails. You should have an image created for each as that draws attention and shares your message. Here is an example i created within minutes for free at

Additionally, here is another template for a specific ad type that you can use:


Craigslist Ad Strategy Sample Ad – We Buy Houses


we buy houses craigslist ad strategy



***We Will Buy Any San Antonio House & Pay Cash!***


Ad Copy:

You read that correctly. We don’t care about the location, repairs needed, or situation. We will make you a no-obligations cash offer to buy any house.

Can you relate to one of these situations that we routinely help people with?


  • Inherited a house that you don’t need?
  • Nightmare tenants making your life miserable?
  • Mooching relatives living in your house without paying?
  • Too many repairs and no desire to fix it?
  • Behind on payments and facing foreclosure?
  • Want to invest in a business or another house and need the cash?
  • Never really wanted to be a landlord and just want to cash out?
  • City complaining about repairs needed and can’t afford to fix it?
  • House too big and you want to downsize?
  • Don’t feel like paying a Realtor thousands of dollars in commissions?
  • Don’t want dozens of strangers visiting your house if you put it up for sale?


…or any other situation? Don’t worry, we’ve probably encountered it, and helped the seller through it by making a cash offer to buy the house fast!

Imagine putting that situation and house behind you…

We’ve been helping homeowners in San Antonio sell their house fast without hassle for many years.

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business that always operates professionally and ethically. We care about making sure everything goes smoothly and that you are informed through the entire process.

–> Visit our website now to fill out the fast cash offer form:

The Process is Simple:


  • Visit our website at
  • Fill out the fast cash offer form, or give us a call at 222-Your-Number-Here
  • We Schedule a time that is convenient for you to show the house to us
  • We see the house and calculate what we can pay for it
  • You can agree to sell, or take your time in considering the offer


There’s no obligations! You can get an offer without paying a fee or committing to anything.

–> Visit our website now to find out more, and fill out our fast cash offer form to get a cash offer within 24 hours:


Note: Obviously, you’ll want to swap out San Antonio with your target city, and remove the bit about the Better Business Bureau if you don’t have a BBB accredited business.


Sections To Post In


posting craigslist ad strategy


Additionally, you’ll want to post to Craigslist for the areas you are investing in. Be sure to include smaller towns and cities within your area, not just the main city. For example, the San Antonio area could also include: Selma, Universal City, Helotes, Poteet, and Castle Hills. Doing this will allow you to be seen where there is much less competition for motivated seller leads.

The sections you should post in are:


Services > Real Estate Services

Housing > Real Estate By Owner

Housing > Real Estate Wanted


PRO TIP: If your ad relates to houses that need repairs, you can target people looking for tradespeople in the “Service > Household Services and Services > Skilled Tradespeople Services” sections.


Here’s Where People Mess Up On Their Craigslist Ad Strategy!


They post an ad or two and then wait. They wait, and wait, and wait, and then forget about the post and never do anything with it again. Let me save you some time in figuring out when and how often to post ads.

This is what I recommend:


  1. Create 5 free Craigslist accounts (you’ll need to create 4 different email addresses to use)
  2. Post 3 ads from each account to the different sections of Craigslist mentioned above. That’s a total of 15 ads posted on the first day.
  3. On the next day, duplicate and slightly modify all your ads with different headlines. Change up the body text a little, and change the pictures, then post the altered ads. Now you have 30 ads posted total.
  4. On the next day after that, you should be able to log in to your account and renew the first day’s ads. This keeps them fresh and at the top of the list to be seen more often.


The reason you want to continuously post ads so often is that the newest ads show up at the top of sections in Craigslist. If you are in a city with a lot of people posting, your ads won’t be visible on the first page for long.

Best times to post are when people are typically looking at Craigslist. Most people post first thing in the morning, but that’s not really when people are looking. I recommend posting around employee break times, such as 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, and in the evenings around 4:00 pm – 7:00pm.

It may seem daunting, but after you create your initial ads, it’s just a matter of reposting them. You could even hire this out for pretty cheap. It’s not rocket science.

Outsourcing the posting of these ads will ensure that it gets done consistently, and that’s what matters. Posting once, twice, or three times is not enough. And once your ads are up on Craigslist, and are consistent, you can copy and paste them all into (a site virtually identical to Craigslist). This way, you will be generating motivated seller leads in no time!


backpage ad similar to craigslist ad strategy


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