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find your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017

Real Estate Investing Marketing Strategy for 2017

Marketing trends are what drive motivated sellers to your business, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of tips on building a real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017 that are already popping up. As we’ve said before (a lot) what’s the point of having a business if people don’t know about your services?

Ok, ok, you’re probably thinking “I’ve already got a marketing strategy, and it’s working for me. Why should I change it up?”

Our last article was about real estate investing in 2017, so you already know that this year is a pretty good setup to grow your business. And as far as marketing trends go, things are turning more and more digital all the time.



According to Mashable, Google gets over 100 billion – yes, billion – searches a month. With that many people online looking up everything from product reviews, to local businesses, why would you not be utilizing digital marketing?

Utilizing Your Website 

At this point, you should already have a website for your real estate investing business. But just having a website isn’t enough. Like we’ve said in webinars, the internet isn’t the field of dreams. You can’t just have a website and expect people to come to it. You have to be marketing it, promoting it, and showing what it is about your business that would make motivated sellers want to visit it.

Aside from SEO (which you’ve already read about in our SEO Guide articles), you have to be promoting your real estate investing website. We had a few miniseries episodes about this on YouTube, feel free to check them out!

But more importantly than promoting your website, your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017 should include ease of use for your visitors. At the very first page of your website, you should establish a few things:

1: Show that you are an expert in real estate investing

Think of it from the point of view of the motivated seller. Would you want to sell your house to some amateur who doesn’t know what they’re doing, or do you want to sell your house to a professional who shows confidence in real estate?

There are simple things to do that will establish you as a real estate investing expert. Easy things like having professional pictures of yourself, instead of a selfie in your sweats. Or highlighting positive customer reviews instead of not having any at all. Customers are more likely to trust you if they see that other real people have used your services before and had their expectations met.

we buy houses reviews

2: Be personable

This ties in to making your website visitors feel comfortable with your business. Unlike retail, real estate is an emotional subject for sellers. If a motivated seller just sees someone who’s after their house, they won’t be comfortable leaving their information with you. But, if the motivated seller sees you as another person, someone who’s there to help them in their time of need, you become more appealing.

The CEO of Synergixx said: “2017 will be about making customers feel comfortable about your services.” There’s no better way to do that than by making your website personable from the start. Throw in some pictures of you and your family, or your team, and don’t ever forget to have an About Us page.

3: Have easily submittable forms

The top marketing trend for this year is easy “shop now” buttons on websites. However, because you’re buying and selling houses, having a “shop now” button doesn’t really work for your target audience. It’s not like you have a warehouse of properties you can just ship off when someone wants to buy a house of yours.

No, a “shop now” button won’t work in your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017.

But what will work, and more importantly what does work, is having an easy to use short form right there on your front page. Not to sound like a pitch, but that’s exactly what LeadPropeller websites are built to do. Don’t worry, we won’t take up time with that here. You can just test drive a template to see for yourself later.

use short forms as part of your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017

Your short form is your “shop now” button. The easier it is for a visitor to your page to leave their information with you, the more likely you are to get that conversion and a lead.

Mobile-Centric Marketing Strategy for 2017

It’s no surprise that the majority of people have smartphones these days. And it’s even less of a surprise that those same people are using their smartphones for web browsing, searching, and online communication.

In a 2015 study, Google reported: “51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their phone.” Then, the very next year, Google found that of those 51% of mobile users, “28% of searches for something nearby resulted in a purchase or transaction.”

The question isn’t about why have mobile friendly marketing, it’s about how your real estate investing business can market better to mobile users. And the answer is more simple than you’d think.

1: Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly simply means: Is your website as able to be used on a phone or tablet as it is on a laptop or desktop?

The simple way to see if your real estate investing website will resize to a mobile device is to simply resize your browser window on your desktop. If your website transitions to the new size without any issues, then it’s probably going to be fine for mobile devices. If your website cuts off things, or hides part of your navigation bar, then you might have an issue with phones and tablets.

2: Mobile-Only Apps

Of course, just making sure your website is sized correctly for mobile devices isn’t really mobile marketing. You need to be focusing on why your target audience is using their mobile devices.

While mobile web searches are high, SmartInsights.com found that “89% of user’s time spent on media is through mobile apps.” Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, FaceBook and more are all marketing platforms that you could be utilizing to grow your real estate investing business. And more importantly, get in front of motivated sellers.

Image credit to: Smart Insights
Image credit to: Smart Insights

In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk has a wonderful article about how an investor used Snapchat as one of the main ways to sell his properties! When interviewed, the investor in Malibu said:

“When I put up a $700 – $800K condo, I’ll do a Snapchat Story of the kitchen, bathrooms, family room. I get a lot of feedback and people asking for more details about the property or if they can email me about it.”

So, does mobile marketing work? Well, yeah. It does. And you should be doing it for your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017! Get your business an Instagram, a Snapchat, anything that’s on a mobile platform that you can just be posting pictures and videos to.

Which leads us to our next subject…

The Importance of Videos

With everything moving to internet based commerce and communication, making more videos and media content needs to be a crucial part of your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017.

“60% of people prefer video over reading text,” SmartHustle.com found in a 2016 marketing case study. The study goes on to state, “70% of customers prefer learning about a brand through content instead of ads.”

So if the majority of browsers are sticking around for videos, and actually liking them more than an ad they can’t skip on YouTube, then why wouldn’t you do that for your real estate investing business?

The first thing people think of when someone says “you should make videos” is: but I don’t have high budget equipment. But the truth is, for real estate investing, you really don’t need a $5,000 camera. Honestly. Your phone works just fine.

It all goes back to making your business personable. Using your phone to take a quick video that you post to your FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Periscope – whatever – is all you need because the idea behind social media content is authenticity.

mobile media coverage as part of your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017

So next time you’re walking through one of your investment properties, get your phone out and start recording what you’re doing. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to have a script written, you don’t need a full production crew. Just walk around and start talking about the house, the process, what improvements you’re going to be making on it, it’s good qualities, and things like that. Then be amazed at the responses you get when you post it.

The key is to always be consistent. Just like having a website, simply posting a video once in a while isn’t enough to get people interested in your business. You have to be doing this regularly.

Which shouldn’t be hard because you’re at your investment properties all the time anyway! And you’re with clients, and at title companies, and everywhere. That’s your job! All you have to do is turn on your camera and – boom – instant perfect media.

Content Content Content!

Now that we know how valuable video media is, you need to be sure you’re producing a variety of content to market your real estate investing business. Content being things like:

  • Videos
  • Blog Articles
  • Pictures
  • Social Media Posts
  • Craigslist Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Emails

Remember, 70% of customers prefer to learn about your real estate investing business through content instead of ads. And the reasoning behind it make sense – content doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. No one wants to be reading an article online and feel like they’re being sold the entire time. No, people would much rather feel like they’re learning from the article so that they can make an informed decision on what they want to do.

That’s where content should play a huge part in your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017. Like we just said, content isn’t just videos or blog posts. Content is anything you produce that will get in front of your target audience.

That means your PPC ads, your social media posts, your Craigslist ads, your newsletters, your postcards. Everything that comes from you and is put in front of motivated sellers is content that should always be driving them back to you and your services.

Image credit to: Content Standard
Image credit to: Content Standard

The most effective type of content is consistent blogging. When anyone makes a Google search for something, the results are all blog posts. So it stands to reason that, as long as you’re blogging regularly and using keywords that your target audience is searching, your business will get in front of them.

And guess what, that’s right! When you blog regularly with articles that answer questions your motivated sellers have about real estate investing, you’ll show up in more Google searches. Especially if you’re using your local area in your posts.

Not to do a pitch, but if you go to your LeadPropeller dashboard you’ll see our content packs that you can have installed and drip released to your website without you needing to do anything. We’ve made them specifically to be personalized to your business and local area, and they’re all completely search engine optimized. You don’t have to waste your time writing consistent blog posts because we’ve already written over a year’s worth for you!

Your Real Estate Investing Marketing Strategy for 2017 Wrap Up

While your real estate investing marketing strategy for 2017 doesn’t look too different from what you’ve already been doing, the key is to make worth while content and be consistent.

Making sure your website is mobile friendly, and your marketing is mobile-centric, is the first step that will get your business in front of more motivated sellers. And the rest is media and content production.


Remember, the more consistent you are with your marketing strategy, the more successful your real estate investing business will be!

If you don’t have time to commit to regularly posting and updating content and media, check out our managed marketing services! We use our years of experience to form the best, personalized, and highly targeted Adwords marketing just for your business. Check it out today 🙂


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