Nov 17
2018 housing marketing trends to look out for

2018 Housing Market: 5 Trends to Look Out For

Created by Kendall Casas

Knowing housing markets will help to keep your real estate investing business on top of your local area. With 2017 coming to a close, here are the 2018 housing market trends that your real estate investing business needs to keep an out for.

1. Demand & Prices Will Keep Going Up


Feb 02
what's in store for real estate investing in 2017

Real Estate Investing in 2017

Created by Kendall Casas

It’s no surprise that the housing market is looking to change in the coming year. As basically everyone has stated, mortgages are likely to go up, inventory is going to be tighter, and the cost of building is going to be more expensive. But what does this mean as a real estate investor? After all, real estate investing in 2017 is going to be different than just being interested in the market.

First things first, let’s see what the actual projections are. Then we can see what that means for real estate investing in 2017. (more…)