Apr 18
local citations a must have for real estate investors

Local Citations: A Must for Real Estate Investors

Created by Kendall Casas

Local citations are essential for a successful SEO strategy, especially for real estate investors. Why? Because you’re a local service, and without having local citations connecting your business online you won’t rank high in Google and Bing searches. And, as we’ve been over before, not appearing at or near the top of search engine results is bad for business.

We’ve covered the best SEO practices for real estate investors in previous articles. You got a complete SEO checklist, developed a strong user interaction strategy for your website, and learned everything you need to know about black hat and white hat SEO tactics. But we haven’t gone over local citations for your real estate investing business yet. 

Let’s start at the beginning! (more…)

Sep 29

Strategy For Long Term Success With Your Real Estate Investor Website

Created by Kendall Casas

A few weeks ago we talked about a short-term take off strategy for your real estate investor website. This week we will be talking about how to maintain long term success online. If you’re a serious real estate investor, having a website isn’t just for short-term success. You’re in it for the long haul.

It may seem like you are adding content, and adding your website to directories and seeing nothing in return. This is why most people give up after 4 months. But that’s good for you, that means less competition! We’re going to talk about what to do long-term so that you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. (more…)

Sep 15

3 Take-Off Strategies For Your Real Estate Investor Website

Created by Kendall Casas

Having a real estate investor website is the first step to getting more leads and ultimately growing your business. Having a successful real estate investor website is the second step.

There are two methods to use when working on building your web presence for your website. The first is a take-off strategy (the one which we’ll talk about in this blog post), and the second is the long-term strategy (which we’ll talk about in another blog). Both strategies boil down to the same thing: getting your site traffic. (more…)