Apr 13
is land investing right for you

Is Land Investing Right for You? Types of Real Estate Investing Part 4

Created by Kendall Casas

Alright, we’ve been through the other major types of real estate investing: House flippingrenting, and wholesaling. When you hear “real estate investing” you probably think about house flipping or renting. You wouldn’t be alone in that. Because of popular programs on HGTV, house flipping is what most people think of. Don’t just limit your business to houses! See what land investing is and if it’s the right fit for your real estate investing business!

We’re going to go over successful strategies for land investing, and the pros and cons involved if you decide to go into land investing to diversity your portfolio. Let’s get started!


Apr 06
is wholesaling houses right for you

Is Wholesaling Houses Right for You? Types of Real Estate Investing Part 3

Created by Kendall Casas

Lots of real estate investors ask if wholesaling houses is right for them and their business. The truth is, it’s not for everyone. Wholesaling houses has a lot of stigmas against it both within and outside of real estate investing communities. We’re going to break down what wholesaling is, what the popular wholesaling strategies are, as well as the pros and cons of wholesaling houses so that you can determine if it’s the right type of real estate investing for your business.

If you haven’t already done research on the other types of real estate investing, check out part 1 and 2 of this series. We go over the strategies and pros and cons of house flipping in part 1, and the pros and cons of renting in part 2. Find the best type of real estate investing for your business! (more…)