We like getting phone calls at 7:00pm on a Friday night. Means our efforts in Adwords and organic SEO are working. Thanks for making things so simple right out of the box.

~Brad Woodall

Real Estate Listing Sites

After signing up you will be able to choose from one of these templates:
(each easily customized in our editor)

several real estate listing website tempalates to choose from for selling or renting houses

Sell and Rent 24/7

show listings of your houses for sale or for rent

List your houses for sale or rent and allow potential buyers and tenants to view them no matter what time or day it is.

Cut down on the number of calls for information on a house by using your listing page link in advertising. This will also allow people to find other houses you have they might be interested in.

Save Time

Eliminate pointless showings by allowing people to see beautiful pictures of your listings along with helpful descriptions and your contact information.

show house images and enter a description

Silence Your Phone

enter property and pricing details for each house

Eliminate pointless calls by allowing potential buyers and renters to see information about each property along with your asking price and payment details.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Include a simple mortgage payment calculator with each listing so that potential buyers can quickly determine what their payment would be.

allow buyers to enter details to calculate their monthly mortgage payments

Listings in Map View

mapping of your available properties

Welcome to the big leagues. Allow potential buyers and renters to find their next home in the right location by viewing your very own property mapping page.

Build Buyer/Renter Lists

Don't have what someone is looking for? No problem! Let them tell you what they are looking for. Your website comes with a form to allow potential tenants and buyers to tell you exactly what they want and are willing to spend.

How awesome would it be to be buying a house and already have pre-screened buyers/renters that are waiting for it?

let them tell you what they are looking for

Integrate Email Marketing

add email addresses to your email marketing lists

Use Aweber, MailChimp, ConstantContact, GetResponse or MadMimi? You can very easily link up your website forms to your email lists.

This is very powerful in that it allows you to setup drip email campaigns that will automatically send out a series of emails, spaced out over time, to potential buyers/renters.

Training and Support

Not sure how to do something? Our training video library allows you to quickly learn how to do just about anything with your LeadPropeller website.

The videos are very specific to each subject so that you don't have to watch hour long videos to find one particular thing. Most videos are less than 2 minutes.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our FAQ page or in the training videos, our knowledgeable support staff is available to assist you by phone or email.

Training videos cover everything and our support covers everything else

No Coding Needed

LeadPropeller custom website editor

Our websites are fully customizable with our custom website editor that nobody else has because we built it ourselves. The editor allows you to change any of the text, links, images, colors...whatever you want!

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