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Allow sellers to request a cash offer no matter what time they decide to sell their house. Many of my leads are received during non-business hours. - Danny Johnson

Search Engine Optimized

Our sites are built with Search Engine Optimization in mind. A real estate investor website won't do a thing for you unless the right people can find you on the internet. LeadPropeller websites are built in a way that makes them desireable to all major search engines.

Mobile Responsive

LeadPropeller real estate investor websites look amazing and work beautifully on all devices. More and more people are searching the internet from their phones and tablets. Our sites are ready for them, no matter how they connect.

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Learn more about LeadPropeller Real Estate Investor websites and why they are the bees knees.

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We Offer These Different Types of Websites

(each website type has several different templatest to choose from - click each to find out more)

What You Get

A clean, modern real estate investor website

A fantastic real estate investor website

You will get a clean, modern real estate investor website that looks amazing on any device, whether it be a smart phone, tablet or computer.

These websites are built on my experience in using a website for the vast majority of my own leads.

Your website will come with quality hosting and a free domain name of your choosing (or transfer one you already own).

When a motivated seller submits information about a house they want to sell on your website, you will be notified by email, an optional text message, and the lead will be saved to a database for you.

An editor that allows super easy customization of just about everything

Website looks great on all kinds of devices

Our websites are fully customizable with our custom website editor that allows you to change any of the text, links, images, colors...whatever you want.

The editor is super easy to use, but just in case, we've created a collection short and to the point tutorial videos to show you how to do everything within the editor.

The websites come with the standard pages you would want, but the editor also allows you to create additional pages for your website that continue the look and feel of the site.

Leave your competition in the dust with instant text messages of your leads

Optional text messaging available

Avoid competition with optional text messages that can be sent to you as soon as a motivated seller submits their information to your website.

Most investors with a website have to wait until they receive an email, which their email program might not retrieve for a couple hours at times, before they even find out about a lead that was submitted to their site.

By getting a text immediately, you can contact the seller and begin the process of buying their house. How cool is that!

Keep track of all your leads, investor buyers and website comments

Backend system for website leads, comments, investors

All the motivated seller leads, comments and investor information submitted to your website is also stored in our basic CRM that you can login to.

The CRM allows you to keep track of all the information submitted to your website from sellers and investor buyers looking to buy houses that need work.

You can also perform basic flip analysis and save the information with each lead for future reference. Never lose your lead information again!

LeadPropeller websites also integrate with so that you can have a very powerful software system for your entire house flipping business.

Integrates easily with major email marketing providers

integrates with Aweber
integrates with Constant Contact
integrates with Mail Chimp
integrates with Get Response

Take a quick tour of the Lead Propeller backend system

Get a brief explanation of what all you can do within the backend system of Lead Propeller.

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LeadPropeller real estate investor websites are built around the idea that house flippers and investors need a professional and inviting web presence. People need to sell their houses and are searching online to find a fast buyer. Are you there for them?

Start getting more and better motivated seller leads

 Better leads at a fraction of the cost

The cost of leads generated from our websites are usually much, much cheaper, and a lot less time consuming, than other forms of marketing to motivated sellers. It sure beats stuffing envelopes and sticking stamps, putting up bandit signs and worrying about whether the city is going to fine you!

 Built by a real estate investor with years of SEO experience

Lead Propeller websites are built by Danny Johnson who still to this day uses his house buying website for the lion's share of the leads, and consequently deals, he gets. Through years and years of personally researching and actually testing the best ways to build and rank his website, he's managed to beat his competition and get great deals.

 Clean and uncluttered websites

I'm sure you've been to websites that had so much going on and text and images everywhere that it was difficult to know where to look. There was too much screaming for your attention that you couldn't really focus on anything. The clean, uncluttered look of our websites makes it easy for sellers to know exactly what they need to do to sell their house to you and not feel confused with too much information overload.

 Enjoy instant rapport and credibility

Lead Propeller websites are built so that you can easily customize them to give them a personal and local feel. This goes A VERY LONG WAY to building instant rapport with motivated sellers.

 Have another way for sellers to contact you

Add your website to your business cards, direct mail, email signature, signs, and all other marketing you to do to allow sellers to find out more about you (great rapport builder!) and contact you to sell their house.

Our Latest Website Templates

(all templates are customizable with our very simple to use editor - click to view a live demo)

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“Most of my deals come from my lead generation website. In fact, I've received thousands of leads solely from my house buying website over the last several years.”

Danny Johnson | Real Estate Investor, Founder

Very easily add a WordPress blog to any of your LeadPropeller websites

Super Fast Websites

LeadPropeller websites are FAST, really FAST! Our websites are built so they load really fast. It's all about user experience and the search engines like Google know that. That's why they give preference to sites that load faster!

LeadPropeller websites load faster than a Wordpress-based site simply because of the way they are engineered.

The thing is, the search engines also like the Wordpress platform. Why not have both? That's why we set up the ability to add a Wordpress blog to your site!

Wordpress Blog Included

LeadPropeller websites come with a Wordpress blog! We've worked hard to provide a super simple way to add a Wordpress blog to your LeadPropeller site.

Usually, adding a Wordpress blog to a site can be pretty complicated. We've engineered out most of that complication and now you have the ability to add a blog to your site within as little as a couple minutes! That's just one example of how we at LeadPropeller work hard to make your life easier. You don't need a degree in computer science to user our system.

Why not have your cake and eat it too? Now you can have a super fast loading website that also has a Wordpress blog so that you can take advantage of all of the benefits that Wordpress offers.

I installed the Wordpress blog and it was super easy. Danny, you have made it amazingly simple! Thank you. I wrote two blog posts already and if you search "Sell home fast Cobb" I'm ranking on the first page already!

-Terry Burger

View a Demo of the FREE Selling Site

View a Demo of the FREE Wholesaling Site

Integrates with REImobile

integrates with REImobile - the Real Estate Investor CRM Software System

Don't have time or desire to setup or customize your site?

Let us do it for you!

If you'd rather spend your time working deals instead of setting up your website or doing search engine optimization, we don't blame you. That's where your time is best spent.

For an additional, one-time fee of $299 our SEO expert will set up your site for you and optimize it for the area(s) you are interested in targeting. You won't have to lift a finger.

We also have done-for-you, monthly SEO packages so that you can rank your site quickly in the search engines without having to do all the tedius, time-consuming work yourself.
Click here to find out more about our SEO packages.

To take advantage of these extra services, sign up for LeadPropeller on the pricing page and after you're logged in, choose 'Done For You' from the menu on the left side of the page.

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