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Build Your Buyers List

Build a buyers list in record time! You can market your website to investors and have them shop your inventory and submit their buying criteria for future deals.

The site requires they enter their email address to gain access to your current deal listings (though you could send them a link to the page without requiring any info if you prefer).

Gather Tons of Data

Find out exactly what each investor is looking for. You don't want to send a rental property deal to an investor looking for high-end house flips.

Our investor buyer criteria form asks a lot of questions so that you can find out exactly what each investor buyer is looking for.

Save Time

Don't waste your time showing houses to investors. Send them to your website where you have tons of high quality pictures and information posted about each deal. Your time is better spent getting more deals!

Integrate Email Marketing

Use Aweber, MailChimp, ConstantContact, GetResponse or MadMimi? You can very easily link up your website forms to your email lists.

This is very powerful in that it allows you to setup drip email campaigns that will automatically send out a series of emails, spaced out over time, to potential buyers/renters.

No Coding Needed

Our websites are fully customizable with our custom website editor that nobody else has because we built it ourselves. The editor allows you to change any of the text, links, images, colors...whatever you want!

Sign up now and have your website live within minutes!