We like getting phone calls at 7:00pm on a Friday night. Means our efforts in Adwords and organic SEO are working. Thanks for making things so simple right out of the box.

~Brad Woodall

Pay Per Click = Motivated Seller Leads

Lead Propeller Pay Per Click services are hands down the fastest way to generate the best leads for your flipping business. Let us do all the work!

Online Leads are Better Leads

Simply put, online leads are the highest quality leads. Marketing like direct mail, bandit signs, and billboards involve you spending time to hunt down leads. Once you make contact with these leads, you have to determine whether they have the right motivation. You are putting time and effort into sifting through leads to find possible deals. This whole process drives up your cost per deal, and costs a lot of time. What else could you be doing with that time?

Targeting online leads allows you to capitalize on highly motivated sellers who are looking for an immediate solution to a problem that they have. These are motivated sellers who are looking for you and your services. They need a real estate investor now!

Get Immediate Results With Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimization is a great long term solution for generating online leads. SEO services provide you with a way to get your site ranked faster than waiting for it to happen organically. The one big drawback to waiting for SEO to take effect is...waiting. SEO takes time, no matter what site type, or the provider you are using. Relying on SEO alone to start generating online leads for you could cost you months of opportunity and profit. You don’t have to wait!

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Automate Your Pay Per Click With Lead Propeller

Automate your online lead generation with LeadPropeller PPC Services for real estate investors. Our in-house management service provides LeadPropeller customers with a way to start generating online leads in days, not months. Our Facebook, Bing, and Google AdWords Certified account managers will create, optimize, and manage all aspects of your PPC account. This leaves you to do what you do best, turn those leads into deals!

Hey Danny, just wanted to let you know that your PPC management service has been killing it for us! We also just moved forward with your SEO service. Everything has been awesome with your guys and services.

~Alex Wentland

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am. I launched my Lead Propeller motivated seller site a few months ago, and had you guys setup and manage a PPC and SEO campaign about 2 months ago. I just bought a house on Monday this week as a result of my PPC, and I listed it for sale (as-is) on Wednesday. As of today (Thursday), I have received 4 offers (2 over asking price) and will make a profit of about $25K after commissions and closing costs! This is going to pay for my marketing for the next 3 years!

~Owen D.

We believe that real estate investors should work on their business, not in their business. You shouldn’t have to become an online marketing expert, and you shouldn’t have to learn how to make these different systems work for you. That’s what we’re here for.

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Serious Investors Use Pay Per Click

PayPerClick is perfect for serious investors who are serious about lead generation. Every market is different, but one fact about PPC is constant. If you tiptoe into PPC, it will cost you. If you don’t have an adequate marketing budget ready to put into your PPC accounts, it will take you longer to generate leads that can be converted into deals. This not only limits your opportunity, but could drive your cost per deal up higher than it should be.

Know your numbers. How many leads does it normally take you to get a deal? What is your current cost per deal? Knowing these two numbers alone will help you to determine if the budget that you have in mind for PPC will generate quality leads.

With the right mindset and the right numbers, the LeadPropeller PPC Service can take your real estate investor business to the next level!

What you get with LeadPropeller PPC Management:


You have full access to your PPC accounts, so you can actively view every aspect of your account, from bidding to analytics.

Lowest Cost Per Deal

Our current customers have cut their cost per deal down by hundreds of dollars using this exact service. They pay between $150-$200 for quality targeted leads that can't be generated with other forms of marketing.

Expert Lead Generators

We know real estate and we know online marketing. You’ll be working with a team that specializes in generating leads for real estate investors.

Generate more leads, close more deals and increase your revenue!